3 Bolides Will Come?

Do we have one more event to go, … HOME?


 I will never forget a caller in a radio program; an old woman who call to tell her story and experience with God and the message she was suppose to tell every one to be ready for it. She said: “The world must know that 3 bolides will come and that we should get ready for this event.”  There is one thing that I never learned when she gave us this message and that was; that she never mention why we had to “get ready for.”

For me bolides are or could be storms, comets or asteroids, but she referred to them as spirals or springs. Apparently these bolides are going to be huge and some grand effects are going to happen to our Earth. I always remember the three strikes “you’re out!” if the baseball guy does not hit the ball, for some reason when I remember these bolides. Why? Well I laugh about this but I guess it does not matter how you look at it, most of the time there is some sense in our feelings. The name of the game is, run those three bases and get home safe. Never get an out in your turn or you are out of the game. Is life a game? Is baseball a representation of life and it is telling us to avoid mistakes not to get punched out? Lol! This is cookoo loco!

Any way, I am still wondering what effects and where or when this bolides will have on us; but as predictions of the end times resonate through this planet, more people are making conscience of what is out there in space. Even thou the human battle is on, … you know, the fighting for I am better than you fight; there is always time to look up there and wonder about the “neos” or (near objects) which are floating in space waiting to hit its course, disappear in space until they return for another ride or slam into our Earth for a joy ride for us.

Until now we have had several “neos” but my impression is; that this lady refers to something huge and with devastating results for us.  Well, no one from another dimension has to risk his life to come here and say that we are in danger… I am saying this because she did not dreamed about this or got it from a movie; she told us how she was warned by a figure that presented to her and whom she describes as God. Well I don’t blame her for thinking that God came and showed her in drawings or pictures those “three bolides” that would cross the Earth’s sky or neighbor hood, bringing maybe changes or cataclysmic events to this planet; but We know that when this happens the weather and the Earth gets in trouble by a bolides’ pull or pass way. We are becoming more conscience that there are other dimensions and that we are not alone in the universe and… that definitely there’s got to be family of us trying to give a hand, for us to wake up and give us a chance to change, or the come back (meaning repeating this life) for more fun on Earth again to deal with our lives and learn that which we did not get on that run, will be granted if we don’t make it this time.

She described this being as tall, white, and similar to what we are being taught that Jesus looks like. She even said that when he showed her the drawings of these “bolides”, he asked her to tell him; what was that that she was looking at as he showed her those drawings. Her answer to him was that those were springs (like those in cars etc.), but this being or entity or extra from another dimension said: “No! … Those are not springs, these are bolides” Bolides that will come and that people had to know about this, so they get ready for the events to come.  

But what kind of events and when; are we talking here by 2012 or beyond?

So now we have had a couple of comets hitting the Sun and other ones hitting Saturn, Jupiter and so on. But, the last one that dive into the Sun to come back and out of the Sun had spectacular movements, leaving every one in shock by its size and wiggle and spiral movement. No wonder why its name is LOVEJOY! Oh boy! See now we have speculations about this “bolide” (comet) to be a space mother ship? Well, that is another story. 

Link to Lovejoy video: http://youtu.be/8qFnGjD9hWk

Another link: http://youtu.be/pnjeHWwdksg

Are not these comets suppose to go straight and not in a spiral movement? Maybe as it got closer to the Sun it was expelled by one of those Sun bursts, making it to wiggle and spin, sending it out again to survive on its journey. Even comets have a chance to straighten their course in their life.

So far I have seen two meteors (huge ones) hit the Sun’s surface these past months. Check them out and compare the situation on Earth in terms of earthquakes, storms, floods, and loss of life.  Well and not only that; look closer at human behavior. Some are changing in a positive way, but still the majority is struggling and killing each other for material gains or possessions in an unconscious way.   

I do believe that all of us have our needs as we live in a complicated created system, but I also believe that all of us are here, together on this Earth, and what ever happens to one, can happen to the rest of us. We are fragile and sensitive to Earth changes, especially when she roars and tries to accommodate her crust. We become nothing on her surface and fear is the first thing is felt in every human heart. Surprises are always a challenge for us, because we don’t know how to react or even, what to do. We only react when we know or see that which is coming towards us; even thou no matter that you are looking at that which is coming towards you, you hardly have time to react or save yourself from being hit by it, being good or bad.

Now we are being warned for coming changes and we have been taught for hundreds of years, to be ready for the unknown moment of change. Remember this … “As a thief in the night? Surprise! Well, The Mayans knew about the end of cycles, but we were denied this knowledge for thousands of years. I think that cycles are from seconds to minutes and from minutes to hours and from hours to years and from years to the unknown movements of the universe. Got that one? What I am trying to say here is that cycles have a time and we really don’t know the exact cycle of this particular universe, for the moment of change as a whole and; when everything else around us is going to shake for the final moment of the positive or golden change.

Now things are different as more awareness and opened eyes and minds are out there, looking and watching at every single movement of the stars, and those wiggling things around us, and looking at our Earth’s behavior and even, at the human behavior as a “whole” trying to find solutions to not disappear in time and space as a race.

Now there is “One” thing we have to be conscience of and that is; … that we need to pay attention to our hearts and even physical bodies to feel, and know that much depends on us; and that we are part of this universe (and unpredictable as the universe itself is “also”); and know that we unknowingly have contributed to it’s “benevolence or its fury” in an unimaginable ways, to be what it has been until now.

If we are being warned in different ways, and by different civilizations; is because we deserve to be here and we are being given a blessing and another chance to do things the “right way” this time. If those three bolides are going to bring changes to our Earth and us as a human race; then we should get prepare and welcome those changes. Again it depends on us if we make it or not. Fear won’t help at this moment, only Love has the answer. Maybe Lovejoy has its name not because who found it has this name. Maybe very consciously the universe knows how to give us a hand and is always saying how we should move and where to look for those answers.

And as a funny thought to finish, “Maybe Santa Claus knew how to stir its sledge around the Sun to say Hi to us from up there. His long ride around the world let him know who was nutty and who was nice. Anyway, signs in the sky are telling us that we can have another chance and that the prism of Love can create a peaceful human rainbow. Wait, did I say that right? Human rainbow?; oh I see, a rainbow as humanity is compose of colors, and all no matter color  or race, belong to the same universe.

Have great holidays and let your heart feel what love and joy means. Ups! Did I say love and joy?


Apocalyse Meaning and Et Disclosure…



 Apocalypse means; Revelation (as in the Bible), total destruction or devastation of something, or an instance of this, or revelation made concerning the future.

Now Revelation one of the Bibles books tells us about the end of the world, but also it is information that will be disclosed, surprising and of much value. These are the meanings of Revelation.

Disclosure is the other word that describes the word Revelation. Here we have a meaning that something that was previously hidden will be revealed or disclosed. And in Christianity demonstration of divine will which means a showing or revealing of what is believed to be divine will or truth.


Disclosure about ET’s or extraterrestrial has been awaited by almost the entire population of this world and in a sense this indeed it is being revealed everyday of our lives.

First leaks about extraterrestrial presence started around the 20’s or 30’s just to say a date, and of course this has been ridiculed and consider as false messages.

Then as a way to introduce this extraterrestrial presence amongst, different methods have been created. The movie industry started to create different et’s characters like monsters and disgusting beings with horns and big teeth with a green substance coming from their mouths.

Others were robots who will kill everything that opposes their presence, and huge spacecrafts hovering over our cities, destroying everything on their path.

Well, this of course is a way for us to fear the future. Such scenario of course is to laugh about. The more fear is introduce into your minds; the better will be in the future, when the time really comes for disclosure.

Instead of being afraid of such creatures, you will accept them more calmly and their appearance will be nothing compare as to the Sci-fi movies.


In reality the motives for these strange stories of extraterrestrials with big teeth and strong powers, destructive behavior; you will find beings which even thou they look different to us, they are doing exactly the same things as we are doing in this Universe.

They are evolving and going through the same experiences as us, even thou some already has passed the mark of the scale into more evolve beings. But of course there still are those who are on the path of evolution.

To say that we are of negative or positive attitude, is to say where we are in the scales of our evolution. Time is needed for things to come to a perfect state in this eternal universe.

Now, is the time for us to advance into the future, and understand how our universe works and never believe; that robots or green or gray aliens will attack our world and control it to enslave us as it has been said lately.


We have not been slaved by extraterrestrials, because all of us are here for a purpose and to co-create this universal world. Each one of us, just as those et’s out there or those interacting with us, have the same responsibilities to protect, clean, and restore our vessel earth, just as they protect, clean and restore theirs.


A good point is, to think about the disruption made to their homes, y our ignorance into believe that we are the only ones here and that everything that is out there is just a beautiful picture with starts in the night; no, it is not.   Every time we destroy part of our Earth, we are destroying part of their world too.

If extraterrestrials are here you most likely believe that they will destroy us; but what if instead of that, the purpose for them to be right now close to us would be to help and assist our Earth in her recovery? Of course you would not believe that either.

Let us take a guess here. Have you seen all these bad weather lately with tornadoes, hurricanes, volcanoes, floods etc etc?


Would you think that all of this is cause by Haarp or acts of terrorism?  I don’t think so. Take a good look at what surrounds you, and you will see that we are not alone.

If tomorrow they show you et’s then you will laugh, because they have been here all the time.

Yes they are extraterrestrials. And yes, some have come from outer space; do you remember NASA videos? Well that is if you have taken a few minutes to watch You-tube.


Apocalypse is now and it means; something that was previously hidden will be revealed or disclosed.  The four horsemen of the apocalypse have been riding with us for a long time, but we have not been able to see who or what they are. Think of that one.



The Mirning Tribe (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mirning)

The Mirning’s Ancient legends tell us about the existence of ‘whale tribes’ and that it was their belief that whales were the “guardians” of Earth and responsible for its protection. The Mirnings received messages from the whale tribes because the whale tribes could understand their language.
Well this paragraph describing the Mirnings relation to the “whale tribes” is described in their ancient legends; and what if it’s true? We already know that legends and myths are considered fantasies, but if we think for a moment; these are not far for the truth and our reality. Truths have been hidden in myths and realities have been hidden in legends. What a better place to hide something and make it look as a children stories?…
Any way my purpose to share this story that I’ve just found is, that we have to give this a second thought and if as the Mirnings would say in their legends; or is said in those myths that these “whale tribes were the guardians of the Earth”, then this can lead us or could bring us “closer” to the truth about what “ALIEN CONTACT MEANS” for us today.

Even thou the presence of Sorcha Faal through internet has been dismissed as truth and or that this person does not exist, at least what is being given to us, may be and issue which seems controversial but without a doubt can trigger suspicions if indeed and “alien race” is interacting right now with us on Earth.

Strange things are happening, and it would seem as if a battle is occurring right in front of our noses, but we can not have much information as to the veracity of this. Only those who by the grace of God have the ability to discern that which is hidden in the “spirals of time”; can have a clear understanding of our present reality.

A documentary called “Whaledreamers – The Gathering”, (made in 2006) which its plot summary is about an obscure culture who reveres the whales as the creator of the world. And for more interesting views of this connection with the whales here is another link of much interest to all of us: http://www.i-sis.org.uk/WhaleDreamers.php

In my opinion, if an alien race is actually interacting with us, I imagine that talks between our governments and these alien races probably by now have being conducted. We really don’t know what is going on or what will happen, but for now; ufo’s are all over the planet; and that our media is taking care of disclosing information that was not aloud for us to know.

Here is a link to a post by Sorcha Faal, I have no idea of this being true, but it wont hurt to take a look.

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers



And here I go again:

Many Atlantis stories tell us that in those days’ humans acquire so much knowledge, that they were capable to create technologies to assist them in many ways making life a wondrous marvel. As their technological world expanded, they forgot the most important aspects of the human soul, which was the connection to the Divine Creator of all life that is and will be.

Chaos and destruction occurred in those times, and the end of that civilization was inevitable, bringing the whole continent into the depths of the Atlantic Ocean, in the blink of time. Probably it wasn’t in an instant as they say, but gradually giving them time to think about the errors they were committing, which would bring destruction to their civilization. Apparently they dismissed the results of their actions, and to the bottom of the ocean they went.

Myths and stories have been told, and Atlantis is still rising in our consciences. The connection with Atlantis has never ended, as we have it embedded in our memory. We remember past lives without recognizing this truth, and probably eventually that past will be reveal to ourselves in the silence of our souls, for us to raise Atlantis again.

I believe that when (we) humans together understand that self ego destructive forces go against creation, this will have an impact in our decisions if we want to continue the same modalities or if we should change them to avoid the same mistakes that took this wonderful civilization to its demise.

Apparently we have continued the dismantling of our civilization “Atlantis” through our unconscious minds, not giving a thought that time and space runs in the same direction; giving us a view to the past, present and future, for us to be able to amend those mistakes and bring that which could be useful to avoid those same mistakes again.

If we take a look at our past and understand our present, definitely we can have a better understanding of a great future that can be created by us without the need of doing the same mistakes all over again.

The gods from the old, assisted humanity in those days, and as they did, when Atlantis disappeared; they erased those memories for us to start from “scratch” all over again. They knew we had the capacity and the intelligence to do it better next time, that is why we are still here, trying all over again to see how we do it this time.

Governments of old still govern this world. Governments of old still fight for what is truth or false. Today governments still know where these great cities are found. Markings were left behind to not to forget their true past and for hopes of rebuilding new cities in new land.

These cities are the ones we have now, with the same technological advances and ones that we still can not have. Everything is being taking care of to avoid another calamity, but until then; we must decide to change or succumb into depths of the ocean again. It is not a thread but yes it is an advice, to look into the past for us to change. Destruction must not come again if we awaken our true past to heal and this time “to do it right”.

Two great civilizations have passed and been destroyed and still can be found under our new cities of renown. They have not been destroyed by evil or demons. Not destroyed by greed or corruption, but by ignorance of their egos and detachment from our Source.

As we enter our next stage in our evolution Atlantis is rising from the depths of the ocean to be touched by the light of the Sun when it raises from the East through Saint Michael’s Sword.

Humanity does not have to destroy itself by following the same old walked steps. New paths, new walks will come again and a new world will come to be.


Dolores Cannon – Atlantis Part 1/4…Plus

This is amazing. Listen very carefully to Dolores Cannon, please it is very important for us.

I wrote and article a couple of days ago called:

Date May 27, 2011 at 12:35pm

Come on! What is this; synchronistic memory retrieval?
I say this because while listening to Dolores Cannon I remembered my writing.
I have never listened to this video and I am surprise to hear how this Atlantis information about how it was destroyed is parallel to what I wrote. She has been receiving this information through by the regression made to some of her patients.
I don’t know what made me write my article story except that I have always been interested in the Atlantis mystery. I guess we all do, even thou proof of it has vanish from our sight. But what if it really does not from our spirit or soul? This Atlantis story is so attach to us that we can not denied and intentionally forgotten that we have come from the past in a mysterious way.
I feel that we are remembering our past without the need to go and search books or stones, but of course this is the trigger to help us and awake our memories.

Now my reasons for the search of Atlantis; is bringing some creativity to me which I don’t know why I do it. My eyes receive messages that trigger my mind, then I come up with ideas or maybe (memories) of that time.
Of course this is not credible for the majority, but here it is, Dolores Cannon has proof that we know the truth and it is right there in our memory and soul.

One of her clients told her how Atlantis was destroyed by a wall of mud. Guess what? Yes it was, due to a huge volcano; so huge that everything was covered by magma and was buried under it.

Why I bring this as proof, because a huge volcano exist close to the South Continent and it is underwater close to the Lesser Antilles. All of this area and all of these small islands have volcanoes right there and today Montserrat (which is strait above the huge volcano close to South America) volcano has been giving problems lately.

Directions point and texts also to this Caribbean Area as the resting place for the lost civilization. I my view, it really cover a huge area; but that is my view and probably my memory as I know I have been here before.

This of course; for those who really don’t believe that we have been here before; it’s the greatest hoax of our history, but in reality for those who remember but don’t dare to tell it like it is, IT IS OUR BIGGEST TRUE.
I will not care if we are call insane that is proof of our poor knowledge and ignorance to deny our history and how we were created.
I am talking seriously here and won’t be afraid of what people will say.

Soon they will be hit with the truth. It is coming!

Dolores Cannon Earth Shift 2012 prt. 1/4

“Dolores Cannon is a past-life regressions and hypnotherapist who specializes in the recovery and cataloging of “Lost Knowledge”. Her roots in hypnosis go back to the 1960s. She has been specializing in past-life therapy since 1979.
Dolores has become, perhaps, the world’s most unlikely expert on the prophecies of Nostradamus. A retired Navy wife from Huntsville, AR, USA, Dolores was nearly fifty years old when she began experimenting with hypnosis and past-life regression. The results were, to say the least, quite spectacular!”


Andy McKee

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