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The tragedy of Puerto Rico, America’s very own Greece

Oh yes…” worst” is the word, but will this last until the next return of JC? Come on… this is another type of holocaust. Puerto Rico has cross arms waiting to be ??? What? We are also humans and very intelligent, but politicians make useless monkeys and slaves out of us. Still they believe they need to have absolute control over an island that has serve that country by giving their lives and souls for their world power. I do hope they consider our sacrifice and know that we also deserve a place in the world with honor as the rest. We are a rainbow island, with people from all over the world, this means “unity” Is not that what this NWO is?


The eyes of the world are trained on Greece, this week, as it teeters on the brink of disaster. Which perhaps helps to explain Alejandro García Padilla’s timing: the Puerto Rico governor chose Monday to announce that the island territory is insolvent, and cannot (will not) pay back its $72 billion in debt. Not on time and in full, in any case.

Like Greece, Puerto Rico’s economic problems aren’t new, and they aren’t likely to be resolved anytime soon. The Puerto Rico government recently asked a team of former IMF economists to write a report on the country, which makes for extremely depressing reading. The big economic picture is downright scary:

[img attachment=”159327″ align=”alignnone” size=”large” alt=”Screen Shot 2015-06-30 at 2.33.10 PM” /]

And then comes a litany of lowlights:

  • In 1996, the US government repealed Section 936 of the Internal Revenue code, which gave tax breaks to mainland companies operating on the…

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About worldface2012

I am a true believer that us as a human race can change this world. My heart is like a sensor, who feels the pain that our Earth is going through and all of the creatures that have been created by God. Humanity's suffering is something that makes my heart cry, but this could be a way for us to learn, and something which could trigger our consciousness to make us "wake up" from a dream. Probably it is time for us to awake, because I feel that no one on the face of the Earth wants to keep suffering. The inevitable truth about who we are is coming closer, as all of this world chaos leaves the stage. I guess that I have become a Warrior for the Earth for a long time, as my eyes and heart started to see clearly that which was happening around me. Now I am here doing something to help in what is possible for me to do. I am a happy person, but sadness is being around me for a long, long time as things get up more entangle; and I can not wait for the moment when I can see humanity leaving the old habits of materialism and level things up to bring balance into their lives and to live a healthy and peaceful life and to know that they are learning who they are as I have learned a while ago.

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