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The Mayan Word 2012

Today I am becoming Eco for the Mayan people and their dedication and love that through their entire existence on Earth has been given to mother earth for the common good of all, not only their people, but for the entire world. Yesterday for the first time I knew about the many elaborated lies that have told and shown to us to keep us ignorant and in the dark about a reality that can not been hidden with just one hand.

To learn and know what other world cultures have embedded in their blood… is to know the truth of the human soul and the unequivocal intention of our creator for given us a chance to enjoy this life on this beautiful sphere as our Earth is. We are without a doubt; sons and daughters of the Sun and Earth, and our sustenance is found in the care and respect we profess to our Mother Earth. The Mayans have said right and all the people by denying the unmeasured progress which destroys mother earth’s resources which are the fruits for our existence, with and unconscious heart for greed or power.

I join the Mayan people in their intent to help and assist our planet in not continuing being violated, destroy and constantly being contaminated by those who don’t have love in their souls.

Enough already! To those who do not care that only one violation to our Mother Earth is a violation that has huge consequences to all.



En el día de hoy me hago eco de los maya y su dedicación y amor que constantemente através de su existencia han depositado en este planeta por el bien común de todos.
Ayer por primera vez en mi vida me di cuenta de las tantas mentiras que han sido elaboradas para mantenernos en la obscuridad sobre una realidad que no puede taparse con una sola mano.
Conocer y saber lo que las demás culturas en el mundo llevan en su sangre,… es conocer la verdad del ser humano y la intención inequívoca de nuestro creador por habernos concedido el disfrutar de tan hermosa esfera como lo es el planeta Tierra.
Somos indiscutiblemente hijos del Sol y la Tierra y nuestro sustento esta en el cuidado y respeto que se le debe a nuestra madre tierra. Muy bien lo dicen ellos y todos los pueblos que niegan el progreso sin medidas que destruyen el fruto de nuestra madre tierra inconcientemente por el lucro o poder.
Me uno al pueblo maya en su intento por hacer que nuestro planeta no continúe siendo violado, destruido y contaminado por lo que no tienen almas con amor en ellas.
Basta ya! A esos que no se dan cuenta que una violación a la “madre tierra” es una violación que tiene grandes consecuencias para todos.


About worldface2012

I am a true believer that us as a human race can change this world. My heart is like a sensor, who feels the pain that our Earth is going through and all of the creatures that have been created by God. Humanity's suffering is something that makes my heart cry, but this could be a way for us to learn, and something which could trigger our consciousness to make us "wake up" from a dream. Probably it is time for us to awake, because I feel that no one on the face of the Earth wants to keep suffering. The inevitable truth about who we are is coming closer, as all of this world chaos leaves the stage. I guess that I have become a Warrior for the Earth for a long time, as my eyes and heart started to see clearly that which was happening around me. Now I am here doing something to help in what is possible for me to do. I am a happy person, but sadness is being around me for a long, long time as things get up more entangle; and I can not wait for the moment when I can see humanity leaving the old habits of materialism and level things up to bring balance into their lives and to live a healthy and peaceful life and to know that they are learning who they are as I have learned a while ago.

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