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The Mirning Tribe (

The Mirning’s Ancient legends tell us about the existence of ‘whale tribes’ and that it was their belief that whales were the “guardians” of Earth and responsible for its protection. The Mirnings received messages from the whale tribes because the whale tribes could understand their language.
Well this paragraph describing the Mirnings relation to the “whale tribes” is described in their ancient legends; and what if it’s true? We already know that legends and myths are considered fantasies, but if we think for a moment; these are not far for the truth and our reality. Truths have been hidden in myths and realities have been hidden in legends. What a better place to hide something and make it look as a children stories?…
Any way my purpose to share this story that I’ve just found is, that we have to give this a second thought and if as the Mirnings would say in their legends; or is said in those myths that these “whale tribes were the guardians of the Earth”, then this can lead us or could bring us “closer” to the truth about what “ALIEN CONTACT MEANS” for us today.

Even thou the presence of Sorcha Faal through internet has been dismissed as truth and or that this person does not exist, at least what is being given to us, may be and issue which seems controversial but without a doubt can trigger suspicions if indeed and “alien race” is interacting right now with us on Earth.

Strange things are happening, and it would seem as if a battle is occurring right in front of our noses, but we can not have much information as to the veracity of this. Only those who by the grace of God have the ability to discern that which is hidden in the “spirals of time”; can have a clear understanding of our present reality.

A documentary called “Whaledreamers – The Gathering”, (made in 2006) which its plot summary is about an obscure culture who reveres the whales as the creator of the world. And for more interesting views of this connection with the whales here is another link of much interest to all of us:

In my opinion, if an alien race is actually interacting with us, I imagine that talks between our governments and these alien races probably by now have being conducted. We really don’t know what is going on or what will happen, but for now; ufo’s are all over the planet; and that our media is taking care of disclosing information that was not aloud for us to know.

Here is a link to a post by Sorcha Faal, I have no idea of this being true, but it wont hurt to take a look.

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers


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