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Dolores Cannon – Atlantis Part 1/4…Plus

This is amazing. Listen very carefully to Dolores Cannon, please it is very important for us.

I wrote and article a couple of days ago called:

Date May 27, 2011 at 12:35pm

Come on! What is this; synchronistic memory retrieval?
I say this because while listening to Dolores Cannon I remembered my writing.
I have never listened to this video and I am surprise to hear how this Atlantis information about how it was destroyed is parallel to what I wrote. She has been receiving this information through by the regression made to some of her patients.
I don’t know what made me write my article story except that I have always been interested in the Atlantis mystery. I guess we all do, even thou proof of it has vanish from our sight. But what if it really does not from our spirit or soul? This Atlantis story is so attach to us that we can not denied and intentionally forgotten that we have come from the past in a mysterious way.
I feel that we are remembering our past without the need to go and search books or stones, but of course this is the trigger to help us and awake our memories.

Now my reasons for the search of Atlantis; is bringing some creativity to me which I don’t know why I do it. My eyes receive messages that trigger my mind, then I come up with ideas or maybe (memories) of that time.
Of course this is not credible for the majority, but here it is, Dolores Cannon has proof that we know the truth and it is right there in our memory and soul.

One of her clients told her how Atlantis was destroyed by a wall of mud. Guess what? Yes it was, due to a huge volcano; so huge that everything was covered by magma and was buried under it.

Why I bring this as proof, because a huge volcano exist close to the South Continent and it is underwater close to the Lesser Antilles. All of this area and all of these small islands have volcanoes right there and today Montserrat (which is strait above the huge volcano close to South America) volcano has been giving problems lately.

Directions point and texts also to this Caribbean Area as the resting place for the lost civilization. I my view, it really cover a huge area; but that is my view and probably my memory as I know I have been here before.

This of course; for those who really don’t believe that we have been here before; it’s the greatest hoax of our history, but in reality for those who remember but don’t dare to tell it like it is, IT IS OUR BIGGEST TRUE.
I will not care if we are call insane that is proof of our poor knowledge and ignorance to deny our history and how we were created.
I am talking seriously here and won’t be afraid of what people will say.

Soon they will be hit with the truth. It is coming!


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