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Project Camelot and Dona Klaus

In 2010 Bill Ryan form Project Camelot and Project Avalon, made an interview to Klaus Dona about his amazing discoveries about artifacts and various phenomena’s, that he has been researching, discovering and investigating personally all over the world for many years.
A video presentation was made about these discoveries and studies called; “The Hidden History of the Human Race” and this with much sense as these discoveries takes us to an ancient past not clearly understood.

In a large collection of artifacts that was also found in the area of Colombia; a “disc” which they have called “The Genetic Disc”; incredible strange presentations or drawings in it are of such mystery that can not be translated very clearly or understood.
There is also a PDF version of the transcript to download.

All of these discoveries and information about our past, have to be review for us to understand that humanity has a tie with the past that eventually man will be able to discover. Probably by then, we will find that harmony and peace between all have to be present for us to accept that there is more in this Universe than our actual and limited consciousness is willing to let us understand.

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About worldface2012

I am a true believer that us as a human race can change this world. My heart is like a sensor, who feels the pain that our Earth is going through and all of the creatures that have been created by God. Humanity's suffering is something that makes my heart cry, but this could be a way for us to learn, and something which could trigger our consciousness to make us "wake up" from a dream. Probably it is time for us to awake, because I feel that no one on the face of the Earth wants to keep suffering. The inevitable truth about who we are is coming closer, as all of this world chaos leaves the stage. I guess that I have become a Warrior for the Earth for a long time, as my eyes and heart started to see clearly that which was happening around me. Now I am here doing something to help in what is possible for me to do. I am a happy person, but sadness is being around me for a long, long time as things get up more entangle; and I can not wait for the moment when I can see humanity leaving the old habits of materialism and level things up to bring balance into their lives and to live a healthy and peaceful life and to know that they are learning who they are as I have learned a while ago.

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