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Nuclear Power in Our Earth in: who wants it after 2012?


 Do we remember what happened in a remote past or as recently as in the 1940’s and the devastation and atrocities that were produce by the use of nuclear bombs and the effects it caused in  the area of Hiroshima?

 We are in a very scary position related to these nuclear technologies in use today, and many facilities around the world which are a ticking bomb for the Earth and us. An error in handling the security codes or a malfunction of one these facilities can be fatal for the world and its population. The world could be devastated in matters of minutes due to a nuclear explosion. The air, land and water could be castrated for years and the recovery of it could be a slow process. We all know this, but still we are playing with fire. Will we ever learn that nuclear technology is an enemy of life; for the Earth and humanity, plus our solar system?

So far it seems that few have concerned about this and its consequences and effects on life.

In our present there are thousands of nuclear warheads in the world, and many of them in position to be fired at any moment. The use of them can be a reality, if one of these warheads in possession of an unscrupulous mind is set off to end a dispute or just for an act of terror; that would be the greatest mistake in human history; and worst!; in the 21 first Century in which we are supposed to have gain more knowledge of who we are.  Even a mistake can fire these fiery monsters engulfing the Earth and annihilating humanity from the face of the earth. Then, who would be left to remember our errors to amend them and never make them again?

I have a sense that all of us are here at this moment to prevent exactly that. We want to change what happened in the past. Our history is rising from the depths of the oceans to tell us about great disasters which happened long time ago, because “probably” man was not aware of the dangerous power that a nuclear reaction could have, and its devastating effects; to not only human kind, but also to the Earth.

Probably our ancestors had the same problems as we are facing today; lack of communication and understanding the ways for peaceful solutions . Proof of wars in the past and super technologies were left for us to remember human unconsciousness. This is easy to understand when we look back at history and learn about a dark past which its side effects have been  extended to our present days.

Apparently we were shook really good again, after the Japan’s nuclear disaster.

So, it seems that we have been against its use for a long time now, since the use of a nuclear bomb that hit Hiroshima. During that time people were silent, watching in horror, what our fellow humans were experiencing. We know that we don’t want to repeat the same mistakes and produce such disasters again. We want to change the past and bring a new future free of war instruments. Man does not need nuclear power to create a grand civilization or fix a dispute.

Remember the Earth does not need us, but we need the Earth. We need all of her resources to experience this life and learn about our spiritual path while walking on Earth which eventually will take us into eternity or back to the source of our creation.  It is a fact that almost no one believes that we can change this erroneous human behavior.  Limited minds have been created through the use of more devastating technologies than nuclear technology itself. With nuclear technology life ends or desists to exits; but with subliminal technology, all of us exist but unconscious, and like a zombie walking on earth. Humans have been  left without a mind and a heart to feel and understand the purpose for our creation.  

The Earth has given us all we need, but we in exchange have given the Earth nothing.

We constantly take for granted everything we have. So; “even thou our Earth is a huge sphere” in which we are standing right now; it might well be destroy in an instant by a nuclear game for power.

Then; who will want to live in a place that won’t produce what we need to survive? I guess that would be impossible; the catastrophic damage will be of such proportions that no man will have the strength to recover from such disasters and eventually will succumb to sickness and death will be the end.

We have to avoid this and understand that nuclear power has to be use and handle carefully and for good purposes.


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About worldface2012

I am a true believer that us as a human race can change this world. My heart is like a sensor, who feels the pain that our Earth is going through and all of the creatures that have been created by God. Humanity's suffering is something that makes my heart cry, but this could be a way for us to learn, and something which could trigger our consciousness to make us "wake up" from a dream. Probably it is time for us to awake, because I feel that no one on the face of the Earth wants to keep suffering. The inevitable truth about who we are is coming closer, as all of this world chaos leaves the stage. I guess that I have become a Warrior for the Earth for a long time, as my eyes and heart started to see clearly that which was happening around me. Now I am here doing something to help in what is possible for me to do. I am a happy person, but sadness is being around me for a long, long time as things get up more entangle; and I can not wait for the moment when I can see humanity leaving the old habits of materialism and level things up to bring balance into their lives and to live a healthy and peaceful life and to know that they are learning who they are as I have learned a while ago.

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